Board & Chassis Repair

Our techs specialize in all coin operated board/chassis repair and machine restoration..!!


We have test fixtures for most every Pinball system, if needed, and over 30 years of experience in Coin Operated repairs. 

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Pinbulbz LED Kits

Pinbulbz LED Kits are all premium "Super Bright" bulbs and "Ultra Bright" Flashers with added specialty lighting

Your Machine will never look better.!

Our prices cannot be matched.!

We have kits for over 200 pinball machines in stock. If the machine you are looking for is not listed, please contact us. We would love to create one for you.!

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Pinbulbz LED Bulbs and Specialty Lighting


Brightest and Best priced pinball LED lighting available..!!

Choose from over 200 of the best LED pinball lighting kits available.. Pinbulbz Specialty LED Bulbs include “FLEX BULBS and FLEX FLASHERS ” “COLOR CHANGE BULBS” "UV BULBS" "FIRE BULBS" "BUTTON BULBS" all available in bayonet and wedge base

“FLEX BULBS and FLEX FLASHERS” are perfect for side-sitting sockets under the playfield, to get the beam of light directed in any direction needed. Also great to bend around blocking objects. Most machines have at least one bulb that sits sideways and does not project the same intensity of light as the  rest of the machine. Solve the problem  with “FLEX BULBS”

“COLOR CHANGE” bulbs are a great addition to any machine.  Add some moving color in dull areas  or change  out G.I. bulbs to LED “COLOR CHANGE” bulbs to alter the feel and look of any pinball machine. Available in SLOW changing colors or FAST changing colors. Also available in FLEX bulbs

"UV BULBS" work great to illuminate areas that have glow in the dark plastics or luminescent playfield designs. Games like Viper Night Drivin and many others, UV bulbs can add color not seen before with other light

"FIRE BULBS" emit moving fire or a burst of flames when used behind backglass and under plastics with fire or flames in the art. Judge Dredd, Escape From the Lost World, Jurassic Park, Space Station, F14, Fire, etc...

"BUTTON BULBS" are specially designed to fit in buttons, such as the START, REPLAY, EXTRA BALL and LAUNCHER buttons on pinball machines



Pinbulbz custom Pinball "SUPER BRIGHT" LED Kits are available and in stock for over 200 pinball machines. Kits are comprised of "SUPER BRIGHT" playfield, backbox and G.I. bulbs, along with “ULTRA BRIGHT" FLASHER bulbs.

Each Pinbulbz kit includes bulbs to change  over the entire pinball machine. Including start, replay, launch and extra ball buttons, as well as coin door, pop bumpers and ALL FLASHER bulbs.

Upgrade any custom "SUPER BRIGHT" LED Kit to a DELUXE KIT for an added 24 “COLOR CHANGE” bulbs and 10 “FLEX” bullbs.

Color bulb placement charts are always included, showing the location of each color bulb throughout the entire machine ..

Looking for a Pinball LED lighting Kit not shown on our website? Please contact us and we would be happy to customize a kit special for any machine.!!  



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Most all machines are LIKE NEW and INCLUDE WARRANTIES

Unfortunately so many machines do not even get the opportunity to make it online, if searching for any specific Pinball or Arcade machine, please contact

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