"Build Your Own" Pinball LED Kit

Ever wanted to design your own pinball LED kit?

Now is the opportunity!

Choose up to 176pcs "SUPER BRIGHT" QUAD 4LED bulbs for G.I., playfield, and backbox in any combination of base (wedge #555 and bayonet #47) and any combination of colors (Warm White, Cool White, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Light Blue, Purple)

Along with up to 25pcs "ULTRA BRIGHT" 8LED FLASHER bulbs with same options as above.

LED your entire machine exactly as you choose..!!

Ask about upgrading to a DELUXE KIT and adding "COLOR CHANGE" G.I. bulbs and "FLEX BULBS" to your machine.

If preferred we can customize a "SUPER BRIGHT" LED KIT or DELUXE LED KIT special for any pinball machine. Along with bulb placement charts for each bulb in the entire machine..!!

For More Information

Please call 1-404-426-7589 or email Sales@Pinbulbz.com